The Most Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Web Design in ArizonaOptimizing your website for the search engines is important and a vital part of the overall internet marketing plan, but there are so many mistakes that you could make if you are not careful. Some of these mistakes are more common than others and you need to be aware of them. When you know about the most common mistakes made in SEO, you can take the correct steps to avoid them.

Neglecting Your Dated Content

Most websites will have a lot of older content that has been created over the years. A mistake that many people make is to forget about this dated content and only focus on publishing new content. It is important that you avoid this because you could fall into a number of traps.

The first issue with neglecting your dated content is that you are increasing your workload. Creating new content on topics that you have already covered is duplicating your work and does not make sense. When you check your dated content, you can update it to show the new information which is generally easier than writing completely new content.

Another issue with leaving dated content is duplicate content. When you write about a topic twice, you are likely to use a lot of the same wording and this could be flagged as duplicate content. Duplicate content is something that the search engines take very seriously and you will need to avoid it at all costs.

Forgetting About Mobile Users

Mobile users are still increasing, but there are many website owners that forget about them. Having a responsive website is almost standard today, but there is more to optimizing for a mobile user. While a responsive website is a start, you need to look at page speeds, images and pop-ups as well. All of these factors are considered by the search engines when they determine where to rank websites for mobile searches.

The speed of your site is vital if you want to rank for mobile users and for desktop users. However, it is more important for mobile users because they are generally on mobile internet and want to open the site quickly. If your website takes too long to load, they will move onto your competitors.

The resolution of images on your website can affect how quickly it loads. You also need to ensure that your images are sized correctly for mobile devices. An image that is too big for a mobile screen will cause problems on your website.

Failing To Include Internal Links

When most people look at link building, they will focus on inbound links from other websites. While this is important, you should not neglect internal links as well. Internal links are links within your content that will take a user to another section of your website.

The benefit of internal links is that they keep visitors on your website for longer. Of course, you need to ensure that the content you are linking to is related to the content on the page. There is no point in linking unrelated content as this will not add value to your visitor’s experience.

Having Hard To Read Content

Large blocks of content might seem like the best idea to get your message across, but it is hard to read. Most people are looking to consume content as quickly as possible and blocks of text will not help with this. This is why it is important to look at the different ways that you can make your content easier to consume.

Having sub-headings in your text is a good way of breaking everything up. It also provides your visitors with an overview of what the content is about and they can find the information that is relevant to them. You should also consider including other types of content like images or videos which provide the same information.

Neglecting Broken Or Redirecting Links

There are a lot of websites that have broken links or links the redirect the visitor. It is important that you take note of these links and take the time to fix them. Broken links can make your site appear abandoned and this will lead to the search engines downgrading the ranking.

There are a number of ways that you can find out if you have any broken or redirecting links. Using tools such as the Google search console is the best solution as they will do the hard work of checking the links for you. If you have broken links, you need to check them and replace them with links that do work.

Focusing On Meta Keywords

There are a lot of people who assume that using meta keywords will help them rank. This is something that helped in the past, but it no longer helps when it comes to SEO. Google does not use meta keywords and Bing will often see them as a sign of spam. This means that Google is not even looking at them and that Bing will penalize your website because they believe it does not add value to their users.

If you are going to use meta keywords, you need to do this carefully. You should limit the number of keywords that you place in this field. More than 5 will be seen as spam and should be avoided.

Not Taking Advantage Of Local SEO

All businesses should take advantage of local SEO because of the visibility it provides. Local results are also becoming more important to the search engines and optimizing for this will help you rank. Of course, if you do not have a physical location, it can be harder to optimize for local results.

If you do have a physical location, you need to optimize your website. You should also look at claiming your Google My Business listing. There are other local SEO steps that you also need to take such as including your physical address on your website and ensuring that it matches your Google My Business account.

There are many common mistakes that people make when they optimize their website. It is important that you know what some of these mistakes are and that you take steps to avoid them. When you avoid these mistakes you will increase the chances of ranking well for your keywords.

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