Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business really need to be on the internet?

Yes, without a doubt. Survey’s show that 70-80% of people will research a company online before making a purchase. Today’s whole society is becoming more and more technologically dependent. With people trusting Google as their most reliable search engine on the internet, how easy can someone find you online?

Why should I hire someone to build my website?

If you are a business owner, you truly understand the definition of a ‘busy schedule’. Responsibilities to keep check of everything you manage and must complete in a week is a 40hr/week job in itself! Your customers trust you to do your absolute best, whether you’re providing a service or producing a good. Trust your internet marketing service experts to provide you with a beautifully crafted, ranking website designed just for you!

Who owns my website, me or you?

You do! Give us a call today for further invoicing and payment questions.

How will people find my website?

While there are numerous search engines across the internet, Google is king. People use Google by typing in keywords or phrases to find the most relevant answers. Providing the most relevant answers is Google’s main goal. Having your website found by google is accomplished through Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is essential if you want to see serious growth for your business and literally watch as your website rises above your competitors. Again, today’s technology-dependent society is skipping hand-in-hand with Google down Future Lane. If you aren’t on the Google train yet, your business will be lost in today’s marketplace.

Why do I need Social Media Marketing?

Do you want to reach Baby Boomers? Teens? Young Adults? Parents? Families? Mommies? Veterans? There is literally a market for everyone on social media nowadays. Give your local Social Media expert a call today!

What are the benefits of Infinity Ranking versus someone else?

We care and make your success our priority. If you don’t succeed, then neither do we! We value you as a partnership. With a 98% client retention rate over the years, our results consistently prove to be a reliable resource of results.