Google Map Data Stacking

Leverage The Power of Google Properties with GOOGLE MAP DATA STACKING combined with DR 91 Google Cloud Link

If you have completed a local search on Google, you may have noticed the map results at the top of the page. This is prime real-estate! As a local business you need to ensure that you are represented there. Google has only three spaces in the map pack which makes competition tight. Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you can take which will help you rank in the map pack. our map boosting packs will give you the advantage you need to get to the 3 pack.

This is something that we have built with the brightest minds in the business, and is actually working pretty well to give an added Link and NAP boost to your current GMB listing and Website!!

Q: What is the one thing Google loves more than anything? A: ITSELF!

Now , what if we build something on Google’s Own Property – MAPS

Helps to Increase Local Rankings

These are 100% white hat links because these are built upon Google Property. We Embed the properties on Powerful Web 2.0s which gets social shares Boosting

Order Your Map Stack Below

Low Comp Package (Authority Map)

Step 1 : We build an Optimized Map which links out to your website, local directory citations,geotag image,pin video, add your description, keywords and NAP. Local Ips are Used.300-500 words seo optimized article is added for creating massive relevance.

Step 2 : We include driving direction from important places around your city to your business to drive local relevancy and beating possum filter.

Step 3 : We then create a Schema of your Business which includes all the necessary information Google can Fetch from your Map.

Step 4 : The map gets embedeed on our DR 91 Google CLOUD Link

Medium Comp Package (Authority Map + Google Map Citations)

Phase 2 : Google Map Citations

To keep it simple , No Local SEO is complete without Local map citations as these create brand prominence and local relevance.Google Map Citations are a step further and far more effective , it’s like facilitating the SERPs by a credible source of information about your business by the users sending a positive signal to Google. Here’s what you get :

  • Consistent and Credible NAP Citations
  • Detailed Reports with 100% live links
  • LOCAL Ips used

High Comp (Authority Map(Schema included) + Google Map Citations+ Embeds + Cloud Links + Driving direction Maps)

Phase 3 : Authority Niche Embeds

We embed the Map on 300+ Minimum Niche Relevant Web 2.0s that are aged and socially connected.

This is a complete white-hat service ! No risk of penalization! Get backlinks from DA 100 Properties to supercharge your maps and organics.