Link Building

At Infinity Ranking LLC, we pride ourselves upon link building as part of every internet marketing package. Link Building is a system of obtaining hyperlinks for your website from other websites. Search engines use hyperlinks to crawl the web, from individual pages of your website, to wherever else your website is linked across the internet. Link building adds to the equation of your Google ranking status. Building high-quality links is a difficult and creative skill that our developers have taken years to master.

To rank with the machines, one must first understand how the machines process. Understanding code is a whole language all by itself, so let’s start with something easy.

The anatomy of a hyperlink:

Start of link tag: Called an anchor tag (hence the “a”), this opens the link tag and tells search engines that a link to another website is about to follow.

Link referral location: The “href” stands for “hyperlink referral,” and the text inside the quotation marks indicates the URL to which the link is pointing.

Visible anchor text of link: This is the little bit of text that users see on the page, and on which they need to click if they want to open the link. The text is usually highlighted blue and underlined, signaling to people that it is a clickable link.

Closure of link tag: This signals the end of the link tag to the search engines

What do links mean for Search Engines?

Links are THE tool that allowed Google to dominate the search engine market back in the late 90’s. One of Google’s founders, Larry Page, invented PageRank, which Google used to measure the quality of a page, based in part on the number of links pointing to it. Being an excellent way of determining the quality of a page, this metric was then used as part of the overall ranking algorithm and became a quantifiable standard of excellence.

PageRank was based on the idea that a link could be seen as a vote of confidence about a page, i.e., it wouldn’t get links if it didn’t deserve to. The theory is that when someone links to another website, they are providing them to you as a reliable source. Otherwise, they wouldn’t link to it, much in the same way that you wouldn’t send a friend to a bad restaurant. Knowing which link building techniques are within Google’s guidelines and providing the best quality SEO services to our customers is a top priority at Infinity Ranking.

Why is link building important for SEO?

Search engines use links in two ways:

  1. To discover new web pages
  2. To help determine how well a page should rank in their results

When ranking a website, search engines do not just look at the content of the page; they also look at all other links pointing to that page from other websites, factoring in their website’s quality for your own website’s ranking. Generally speaking, the more high-quality websites that link to yours, the more likely you will rank higher in search results. While no one knows the full algorithm that Google uses to determine its search results, the general consensus among the SEO community is that a web page’s links still are vital to its overall SEO campaign performance and ranking.

How can link building benefit my business?

Building relationships. Sending referral traffic. Brand establishment. All vital components to a successful business. A good link from a highly-visited website can lead to an increase in traffic. The value of a link isn’t just about SEO– it’s about customers.

There are some link building techniques, such as content creation, that underscore the expertise of your company and go a long way toward building your brand. There is an important distinction between link building and link “earning”. Link building can often involve outreach to other relevant websites and blogs in your industry. Outreach can help you build long-term relationships with key influencers in your industry. These relationships, in turn, elevate your business to a level of trust and high regard. Before building links, you need something of value to build links to. The investment you make with Infinity Ranking will provide you with a quality website and expert SEO services, ensuring healthy growth within your clientele base and your industry.

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