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Use A Technical SEO Website Audit To Discover Where Your Website Might Be Failing You

Automated software and free website analysis tools you find online can tell you a lot, but only a website audit that is manually reviewed and then analyzed can really get under the hood and diagnose specific issues the freebies won’t find.

What Can Manual Website Audits Offer Over Automated Software Choices?

SEO Audit for your Website imageIt’s absolutely true that automated website analysis tools can give you a degree of insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Having said that, though, not a single one of them can offer the insights and wisdom you can get from a professional or expert that has accumulated years of SEO experience doing a manual review and audit covering your website.

That’s not to say automated software doesn’t have its perks; we admit we even use such tools in order to save our time on the tasks that are more repetitive and tedious than others. However, you need to take website audit tools for what they are, which are tools which help expedite the SEO workflow portion of your website analysis. If you really want to get in deep and take a look at the big scheme of things, then you need a human with SEO training who can look at the sum of the parts. He or she can truly comprehend what’s working and what’s not working so great. A thorough website audit can identify and then outline every single obstacle that’s holding back your website’s performance. You’ll get a report that doesn’t just tell you what’s wrong but actually lays out actionable steps and plans you can take to repair and upgrade structural issues to your website, paving the way to better link earning and content development. If you choose to get a website audit from us, you’ll get more than a laundry list of what’s wrong with your site, but also recommendations in terms of content marketing goals, coding upgrades, and design suggestions.

A Professional-Grade Website Audit And Report

Once the audit of your website is done and the results presented to you for review, you have the choice of performing recommended changes on your own or using the web development services we offer as an extra charge.

Follow Up With A Mini-Audit After Any Changes Take Place

Whether it’s us or you that does the changes to your website, it’s smart to follow things up with a smaller audit that ensures any changes were handled appropriately. This mini-audit can leave you with the peace of mind that everything has been done right.

After your website audit process is finalized and the specific on-site issues were handled, it’s prime time to start formulating a strategy that emphasizes boosting how much online visibility your website has. We typically do this using one or even several different SEO services. Performing a keyword analysis before anything else is usually a smart step to take. That can establish if there are currently any keyword rankings for your site that might prove worth going after before others. Once some keywords get established, we then begin an off-site search engine optimization program. The specific methods chosen and utilized will be based on numerous factors, including how competitive your own keywords are.

Your Backlink Audit

Even with all the constant changes that happen in the world of search engine optimization, earning backlinks towards your site has time and again proven to be an effective and reliable way of boosting your SERPs. However, caution must be noted that quality matters more than quantity these days, given that Google emphasizes the quality of the actual websites that are the sources of the links. Gone are the days of flooding the Internet with questionable and spammy sources of backlinks, since that can now backfire and actually hurt your rankings more than help.

Our Backlink Audit Experience

We’re a global leader in both web solutions and digital marketing, having worked with hundreds of various brands across India and the Middle East. Our international experience gives us the power to help you develop SEO strategies that work, boosting your customer engagement and sales in these regions in particular.

We Offer These Backlink Services:

Pulling backlinks from numerous sources, including Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and more

Analyzing your backlinks based on factors like age, IP, and authority

Analyzing backlinks based on their kinds, such as blog, comment boxes, social networks, forums, and content links

Manual verification of backlinks that measures their relevance

Reaching out to external website owners in pursuit of needed changes

Reporting backlinks based on numerous recommendations and factors

The right audit is going to be as comprehensive as it is effective, giving you detailed analysis of your current backlinks, so that both problems and opportunities are detected. This all should add up to you replacing the bad by taking advantage of the good.

Competitor Audit

Your Competitor audit will include:

  1. Identify the top 5 competitors for the top 10 keywords
  2. Back link analysis of the top 3 categories for the top 3 keywords
  3. Ranking reports for your competitors
  4. Website reports comparing your site to the top 5 sites

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